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Modern Theatre for children

Clapham Classes ages 3-18

Children's Classes

Modern Dance ages 5-8

Modern - Grade 1





£18.00 monthly (£6.00 per class) OR STARlings

(45mins Modern + 45mins Ballet + 30mins Tap)

£42.75 monthly (£14.25 per week for 3 classes)

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Sequences and excercises using pupils' imagination and developing teamwork. Modern works together with Ballet developing abilities such as turning and elevation used at more advanced Ballet levels.  Limbering and strengthening study develop Ballet and Modern technique and artistry, rhythm, presentation, musicality, strength, control and ensures correct alignment of feet and posture - as well as being great fun!  If you've passed an exam, you'll join the next level class.

Modern Dance ages 9-13

Grade 3 Modern
(Grade 1 best for beginners under 9 years)

Saturdays 11.00-12.00
Grade 4 Modern
Thursdays 5.45-6.35pm
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£22.50 monthly (£7.50 per class) OR STARlings
(45mins Ballet + 60mins Modern + 45 mins Tap)
£49.50 monthly (3 x 12 weeks' term time classes 
per week) 3 x 12 week terms per year
You'll learn to excel performing Lyrical, Jazz and commercial styles, developing a vocabulary of dance movements and exercises that enjoyably aid ballet and tap performance, developing line and style, strength and flexibility.

Modern Theatre for teenagers

Modern Dance: Grade 6


Modern is anything that isn't classical!  We dance a range of styles from Jazz and Commercial to Lyrical and Dramatic - it isn't Contemporary, but there are some elements that overlap; it isn't Street Dance, (but there are some elements that overlap).  Limbering and strengthening exercises help your phsique, and immersion in expression of the music helps you communicate emotion and is a great release of pent-up feeling. What's not to like? 

 If Ballet is your 'thing', turning, elevated (jumping), arm and rhythmical combinations all help your technique and footwork as well as physique. If you just want to hang out with friends or get fit, there's no pressure to take exams, but we work towards ISTD Modern Theatre Dance exams for those that like collecting certificates. We do group choreography for shows, but it's not comopulsory to take part. Bare feet are worn for Modern and you can try a class in leggings and a t-shirt.

£22.50 monthly (£7.50 per class)
OR Aces: £54/£49.50 a month (36 weeks
Ballet, Modern and Tap classes170/150 mins)

Adult Modern Dance

 Try our Grade 6 Modern Class on Saturdays - 1.45-2.45pm - it's hard work, but fun!

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