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Children's Class Costs

Monthly payment for 36 classes a year spread over 12 months


  • Free trial class then 100% guarantee we will refund all payment taken for classes not attended if you decide not to continue within the first four weeks AFTER your FREE trial.


  • ​No card fees, and your payment will be collected via GoCardless, the UK's most reliable and trusted secure Direct Debit Company.​

  • Just one month's notice period to discontinue a class

What happens next?

Click the button below, then click the class you'd like to try first.  Once you've booked your free trial and entered your contact details, we'll contact you to confirm your trial time, and agree your payment details and date of first payment AFTER your first class(es). 

30 minutes

£4.50 per class
£13.50 per month

45 minutes

£6.00 per class
£18.00 per month

60 minutes

£7.50 per class
£22.50 per month

See below for discounted Packages for those taking three or more classes

120 minutes

£14.25 per week
£42.75 per month

150 minutes

£16.50 per week
£49.50 per month

170 minutes

£18.00 per week
£54 per month


Our mission is to make the benefits of dance available to everyone.  We welcome children and adults with special needs, and  where a family has three or more siblings attending, you only pay for the two taking the most expensive classes. 


Just let us know, and we'll adjust your monthly payment! 



We want your money to be spent on a wonderful dancing experience, rather than disposable items like branded pens in a 'Welcome Pack' that clutter up your house and are bad for the environment.  There ARE some additional expenses like uniform and related items e.g. equipment for securing hair, hair ribbon for exams and contributions towards shows through costume, extra classes when necessary etc., so we prefer you save your precious funds for those!


After Exams.jpg
Lucy and Lara Tap

You can sign up for a 60 minute class as above, (cost per class = £7.50),  or pay for a 6 week half-term (14 days before the period commences), or the cost is £9.00 per class when you drop-in and pay-as-you-go anytime. 


Don't buy dance clothing before joining!

There's a uniform for each class, and to help the children be confident of their standard, 'dressing up' dance clothes and pink tutus (lovely though they are for play), aren't helpful!  (See the link for our uniform shop below).

Our policy is that you don't need to get everything before you come to the class - after all, your child may decide they'd rather learn rock climbing - but when they ARE sure they want to learn from us - do get the right stuff!   There are specific uniforms for exams, and even if children don't want to take these, it saves money for you when they are involved in performances if everyone has the same leotard or other item that can become part of a group costume.

We try to keep everything as low-cost as possible by getting many items from a teachers' warehouse.  Many sizes are in stock in our store, and others can be ordered and arrive in a couple of days.  If needed, there are often second hand 'giveaways' and pre-loved Tap shoes available from generous older students.  We stock Ballet shoes (and can advise on the best shops if special fittings are required), as badly fitted ballet shoes, can damage feet and lead to poor technique as feet can't be used properly.

For most adult classes, the rules are very relaxed; some participants come to Adult Tap wearing their office clothes, others in track suits - anything goes!


Our uniform supplier link:

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