£3.80 (30 mins)    £45.60 (term)

£4.80 (45 mins)    £57.60 (term)




Sibling discount and free trial class

Not sure which class to join?

Call, text, email or WhatsApp 07900 153731  




£10.30 (105 mins)  £123.60 (term) 

£11.30 (125 mins)  £135.60 (term)

£11.80 (135 mins)  £141.60 (term)

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Termly, 2-4 instalments or monthly for year

Our mission is to make the benefits of dance available to all!  Where a family has three or more siblings attending, you only pay for the two taking the most expensive classes. 


Another policy is that for the first term,  you can pay weekly, to ensure that before committing to a term's classes, your children are really interested.  (After this 'grace' period, we do have to have a minimum half- term's written notice of discontinuing a class to allow for long-term planning necessary for provision of classes for those still dancing)!   You can ALSO call in to watch a class and take a free trial class, but at the present time, these need to be booked for obvious reasons!


If really interested, your children can access A DANCE, (meaning that more classes are cheaper for you)!  Extra classes needed (e.g. school holiday practise for exams, rehearsals for solos etc). can be added by mutual arrangement or sometimes taken for free, or by joining in other scheduled classes at no extra cost.


Some Adult classes are 'drop-in' classes paid weekly, and others require termly booking.  If you can't find the information you need, contact us for a swift response.

Don't buy dance clothing before joining!

There's a uniform for each class, and to help the children be confident of their standard, 'dressing up' dance clothes and pink tutus (lovely though they are for play), aren't helpful!

Our policy is that you don't need to get everything before you come to the class - after all, your child may decide they'd rather learn rock climbing - but when they ARE sure they want to learn from us - do get the right stuff!   There are specific uniforms for exams, and even if children don't want to take these, it saves money for you when they are involved in performances if everyone has the same leotard or other item that can become part of a group costume.

We try to keep everything as low-cost as possible by getting many items from a teachers' warehouse.  Many sizes are in stock in our store, and others can be ordered and arrive in a couple of days.  There are often second hand 'giveaways' available from generous older students, and Tap shoes especially, are worth investigating from our second-hand stock - many clients won't consider pre-worn shoes, but remember that young children don't sweat like teenagers, grow VERY quickly and can often sell shoes worn only a few times if they have a growth spurt and are wearing them once a week. do be guided by the teacher's advice though - it's usually not a good idea to buy bigger sizes for future growth - it doesn't go down well with examiners, and especially for ballet shoes, can damage feet and lead to poor technique as feet can't be used properly.  We can get the right shoes and uniform cheaper than shop prices, or advise on the best shops to try if necessary (e.g. like my own very wide feet)!

For most adult classes, the rules are very relaxed; some participants come to Adult Tap wearing their office clothes, others in track suits - anything goes!