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Ballet Classes

Ballet ages 3 - Adult

Children's Ballet age 3-5 



10.30 - 11.00am

  3.45 -   4.15pm

Boys and Girls can try either Pre-Primary Ballet class with simple ballet movements developing basic technique, musicality and rhythm, artistic expression, strengthening exercises, preparation for jumps and simple dances.  Not all children are ready to perform at this age, (which doesn't necessarily mean they won't love to show their skills when older), but one of the benefits of beginning at this age is that shyer children develop core confidence.  Classes have themes that make learning fun, and learning to stand still and 'wait your turn' when dancing one-by-one are great preparation for beginning school. 

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£4.50 per class; £13.50 monthly payment

Children's Classes Aged 5-8

Children's Ballet - Primary

Saturdays  11.00-11.45am and/or
Thursdays  4.15-5.00pm

£18.00 monthly (£6.00 per class) OR STARlings

(45mins Modern + 45mins Ballet + 30mins Tap)

£42.75 monthly (£14.25 per week for 3 classes)

Children work towards the ISTD Primary Grade exam learning to dance musically and expressively while developing their imagination.  You don't have to take the exam, but the syllabus develops all the technique and strength you need to progress to higher levels and improve fitness while having age-appropriate fun.  Boys (and girls) love the jumping and travelling elements. Ballet is a great way to improve posture and spot and improve any anomalies with the developing body and feet.  

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Ballet 8-12 years

Ballet Grades 1 and 2

(including Beginners 10yrs+)

Saturdays 10.45-11.45pm

Ballet Grade 1

(including Beginners 9yrs+)

Wednesdays 5.15-6.00pm
£18.00 monthly 45 mins (£6.00 per class) STARlings: (45mins Ballet + 45mins Modern + 45 mins Tap) £45 monthly OR £22.50 monthly 1 hour (£7.50 per class) STARlings: (I hour + 45mins + 45mins) £49.50 monthly   3 x 12 week terms per year

Children learn basic barrework, adage and allegro (slow, controlled movements and jumps), reaching exam level, while enjoyng group dances for performing.  Enthusiastic pupils can attend both classes, enabling faster progress. 

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Teenage Ballet Clapham

You'll learn to perform ISTD Grade Syllabi work - and Vocational Graded Work for those more advanced students interested in  the many career openings in Dance.  If you have done other types of performing, we'll aim to get you into the Vocational programme as quickly as possible.  We have various levels of classes that are always changing as students take exams, so it's worth calling or emailing if you can't find the Grade you need.  

You can start Ballet at any age to slide into the Grade exams, or to gain the benefits of improved posture, confidence, poise, expressiveness and artistry, strength and fitness.  Trying a few classes out with a free trial till you find the one which fits you is a good idea if you're older and unsure if you'd prefer the Adult Beginners' Class, or Grade classes - Ballet is hard work but VERY rewarding for each participant.   

£22.50 a month for a year's classes
(3 terms of 12 weeks @ £7.50 per class)
OR Aces: £54/£49.50 a month for 36 weeks Ballet, Modern and Tap classes (170/150 mins)

Clapham Dance Classes for teenagers

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The best class/classes to try depend on why you want to dance. Do you want a fun kind of exercise? A new hobby? Are you looking for new friends or some performing experience? Do you want to enrich another skill, e.g. sports prowess or acting/music? If you feel you want to try Ballet, Modern or Tap, there's a class for you.  A new class can work for a Duke of Edinburgh Award reference, as can dance you've been doing for some time - you are always learning harder ways of doing things and progressing in your capabilities ...
.. we'd always look to steer you into a class with your age group, but if you really want to be on a par with those who've been dancing a while, you might need to put in some extra effort initially and also join in some lower level classes to master the basics - we'll never charge for these additional classes.  You might like to also try Adult Tap, Grades 3 - Grade 6 Modern and Adult Beginners' Ballet


Child & Teen Dance - experienced

Examples of classes we have for more experienced dancers are Intermediate Saturday afternoon ballet classes at 2.45pm, Grade 6 Modern Saturdays 1.45pm, Intermediate Tap Wednesdays 6pm, Adult Ballet (Intermediate/Advanced 1) Mondays at 7.45pm and many others. Aces is our £49.50/£54 a month Ballet, Modern and Tap programme which includes Modern, Tap and up to two Ballet classes per week, or you can book individual classes (£22.50 or £18.00 per month depending on length of class).

If you've moved from another area or dance school, you may have already mastered some levels or passed exams.  We use the I.S.T.D examining board taught and recognised by vocational schools from the best commercial dance colleges to The Royal Ballet School. 

You might find that a different training method might mean you need to join a lower or higher grade than you were previously used to, e.g. RAD Ballet students usually find it easier to spend a little time in the grade below as there are more jumps in the same Imperial Ballet Grade!  You will know how long you've been dancing and which exams you've passed, and it's easy to trial a class and try another level on the teacher's advice if it's too hard or easy.  Email or call us to see if we have a specific class you're looking for, or to discuss the best class(es) for you to try.

Ballet for Adults

Mondays  6.45pm for complete beginners
Mondays  7.45pm for those who've danced to a higher Grade level before
Fridays    12.30pm is a mixed class

£22.50 a month (£7.50 per class) for 3 terms of 12 weeks, or £9.00 per drop-in cash/online payment or £45 per half-term (six weeks paid 2 weeks before half-term begins, £7.50 per class)

(suitable for those not so fit, those who want to work harder but haven't done much Ballet and the more advanced who want to push themselves)

Our drop-in pay-as-you-go class will aid mobility, strength and resistance and balance combined with ballet and other dance exercises to music.   Don't be put off if you aren't very fit - your teacher has had four hip replacements due to a hereditary condition, and there is no one dancing can't help!  Ballet it like an insurance policy; it doesn't stop you ageing, but when you do, your body will be able to cope with its new way of working so much better!  


Friday beginners come at 12 for extra learning.  Your prescribed movements will be geared to YOU, so everyone will feel their body has benefitted in some way. 

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Dance Classes - your first time

Don't buy dance clothing before joining!

There's a uniform for each class, and to help the children be confident of their standard, 'dressing up' dance clothes and pink tutus (lovely though they are for play), aren't helpful!  (See the link for our uniform shop below).

Our policy is that you don't need to get everything before you come to the class - after all, your child may decide they'd rather learn rock climbing - but when they ARE sure they want to learn from us - do get the right stuff!   There are specific uniforms for exams, and even if children don't want to take these, it saves money for you when they are involved in performances if everyone has the same leotard or other item that can become part of a group costume.

We try to keep everything as low-cost as possible by getting many items from a teachers' warehouse.  Many sizes are in stock in our store, and others can be ordered and arrive in a couple of days.  If needed, there are often second hand 'giveaways' and pre-loved Tap shoes available from generous older students.  We stock Ballet shoes (and can advise on the best shops if special fittings are required), as badly fitted ballet shoes, can damage feet and lead to poor technique as feet can't be used properly.

For most adult classes, the rules are very relaxed; some participants come to Adult Tap wearing their office clothes, others in track suits - anything goes!


Our uniform supplier link:

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