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Clapham Baptist Studios 823 - 825 Wandsworth Road, London  SW8 3JL

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From the tiny movement of a butterfly's wing to a virtuoso ballet solo, dance is a language, and we would love to introduce you via a free trial class.  Bringing the emotional and physical benefits of dance to EVERYONE, at any level of training,  is our mission!  Our highly experienced Principal and long-established school family in Battersea/Clapham, would love to welcome you to our community, empower you to reach your potential and take you on the journey from 3 - 18 and beyond,  of the joy of expression through dance ... 

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Classical ballet classes for children from 3 years up to adult professionalBallet exams (Grade and Vocational Graded syllabi).

Classes are held Saturdays and/or after school.  Body Barre can help those trying to get fitter or recover from injury. 

 ... interested children have successfully auditioned for London Children's Ballet and gone on to professional full-time training and performing                                                

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- TAP -

Children can take Tap classes from 4/5 years and we also welcome older beginners and hold classes for adults at various levels, including beginners.  Tap is popular with boys and great for teaching rhythm if you are a budding musician.  ISTD Grade & Vocational Graded exams are optional and most children enjoy performing opportunities. 


(N.B. Tap doesn't involve swinging round a pole like this boy after his Tap class - we just liked this picture of our pupil showing his joy and energy while 'cooling down' - hmmm! - after his Tap class)!

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Modern is a great form of exercise and creative expression, also helping those interested in improving their Ballet with improving limbering, strengthening and performing techniques


Both ISTD Grade & Vocational Graded exam classes are held, often attended by teenagers and children looking for relaxation from exam stress and other worries, or simply a fun form of exercise.

We're at 823-825 Wandsworth Road, SW8 3JL, and other venues in Wandsworth. (Map on menu bar).  Call us on 020-7350 2928, or email if you've any questions