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starts Weds 5th Jan,
ends Sat 1st April.
Half-term: Mon 14th -
               Sat 19th Feb.


There are 36 classes in a year, meaning that a term is usually 12 weeks, (not including the half-term break), BUT sometimes, the Autumn term is 13 weeks and Spring Term 11 weeks, depending on the Easter break. There may be appear to be more weeks if there are special activities, e.g. a show

    starts Monday 
17th April,
ends Sat 15th July.
Half-term: Sat 22nd
May - Fri 2nd June


Holiday classes might be arranged for extra exam practise, performance rehearsals, to try a workshop or dance form not usually studied; those wanting to learn or just feel like dancing can just join in ...

We're open during main state school term times. We usually close for one week of half-term weekday classes, and one Saturday.

starts Fri 9th Sept,
ends Sat 10th Dec.
Half-term: Sat 22nd - 
                 Fri 29th Oct 

Pupils can join extra classes on a temporary basis if they need help for external projects such as auditions, GCSE exams or school presentations.

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