Privacy Policy

  1.   Our website uses basic functional cookies to enable it to work, and some analytical      cookies which tell us things like the percentage of people who've come directly to our website or have clicked a link elsewhere, such as from Facebook or a local group.  (That shouldn't matter to you as we won't know WHO has come from where)!
  2.   We will not share your data with any other organisation or person unless requested      by you, e.g. for picking up/birthday party arrangements etc.
  3.   We will notify you if required to share your details with child protection agencies.
  4.   We may contact you regards changes to our services  
  5.   We may take photographs of performances or class but will never identify anyone.    Other parents may inadvertently include your child when taking group photographs.
  6.   If your child is featured specifically in an image, we will seek your permission to use        that image in any publicity or media article and children will not be identified.