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Children's Dance - experienced

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If you've moved from another area or dance school, you may have already mastered some levels or passed exams.  We use the I.S.T.D examining board taught and recognised by vocational schools from the best commercial dance colleges to The Royal Ballet School.  You might find that a different training method might mean you need to join a lower or higher grade than you were previously used to, e.g. RAD Ballet students usually find it easier to spend a little time in the grade below as there are more jumps in the same Imperial Ballet Grade!  You will know how long you've been dancing and which exams you've passed, and it's easy to trial a class and try another level on the teacher's advice if it's too hard or easy.  Email or call us to see if we have a specific class you're looking for, or to discuss the best class(es) for you to try.

Examples of classes we have for more experienced dancers are Saturday afternoon ballet classes, Grade 6 Modern Saturdays 1.30pm, Grade 5 Tap Wednesdays 6pm, Advanced 1 Ballet Thursdays 6.00pm, Adult Ballet (Grade 6-Intermediate) Thursdays at 7.30pm and many others. Aces is our £45 a month Ballet, Modern and Tap programme
(not including Advanced 1 Ballet), or you can book individual classes (£21 or £16.50 per month depending on length of class).

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