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Beginners over 12

The best class/classes to try depends on why you want to dance. Do you want a fun kind of exercise? A new hobby? Are you looking for new friends or some performing experience? Do you want to enrich another skill, e.g. sports prowess or acting/music? If you feel you want to try Ballet, Modern or Tap, there's a class for you!  A new class can work for a Duke of Edinburgh Award reference, as can dance you've been doing for some time - you are always learning harder ways of doing things and progressing in your capabilities ...

... we'd always look to steer you into a class with your age group, but if you really want to be on a par with those who've been dancing a while, you might need to put in some extra effort initially and also join in some lower level classes to master the basics - we'll never charge for these additional classes.  You might like to try:

Adult Tap

£8.00 per class, (pay-as-you-go), or £21 a month for a year's classes (3 terms of 12 weeks)
Non-working teenagers also taking Ballet or Modern will attract an additional discount - email for info

Wednesdays (Beginners)

Tap is a great stress buster and ideal if you can't commit to regular classes, e.g. you do shift work or have school exams to revise for!  Any ages from 14 + can attend this class.  You can take ISTD Popular Tap Tests (meant for Adults and teenagers who come for fun) if you like; they are not stressful and there's much less to learn than children's grades!  Alternatively, you can aim higher and learn the grade syllabus.  (They do go up to quite a high level though, so can be a good place to start if you've never done Tap before, but have a background in other dance forms).  We also learn dances for performing and you can participate in charity shows - but we don't force anyone - you can make the tea instead, if you want to be involved without 'treading the  boards'! 


You can wear flat outdoor shoes if you'd like to try a class without buying Tap shoes first, (though it is more fun with shoes); you can get them from our online supplier or eBay!  There are often second-hand pairs, too, or we can advise on the best shops if you want to invest in a gold-standard pair or have tricky feet. 


If you've had some experience, you might want to come half-way through the class and then stay to the first half, or all, of the more advanced class.  

6.45pm - 7.45pm

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Grade 5 Modern



Modern is anything that isn't classical!  We dance a range of styles from Jazz and Commercial to Lyrical and Dramatic - it isn't Contemporary, but there are some elements that overlap; it isn't Street Dance, (but there are some elements that overlap)!  Limbering and strengthening exercises help your phsique, and immersion in expression of the music helps you communicate emotion and is a great release of pent-up feeling. What's not to like? If Ballet is your 'thing', turning, elevated (jumping), arm and rhythmical combinations all help your technique and footwork as well as physique. If you just want to hang out with friends or get fit, there's no pressure to take exams, but we work towards ISTD Modern Theatre Dance exams for those that like collecting certificates. We do group choreography for shows, but it's not comopulsory to take part. Bare feet are worn for Modern and you can try a class in leggings and a t-shirt.

£21 a month for a year's classes (3 terms of 12 weeks @ £7 per class) or Aces - £45 a month for 36 weeks of Ballet, Modern and Tap classes (£15 per week)
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