Aged 6-8 years (beginners)

Primary Ballet


Comprehensive preparation for classical ballet giving children the tools they need to master ballet technique in an enjoyable format. If children haven't done ballet before, or have taken a break after nursery classes, we recommend they start in Primary up to age 8, even if for a limited time, so they automatically gain the physical skills needed in Grade 1, enabling them to be musical and expressive, which is, after all, the point of dancing!  If you've passed an ISTD exam, you'll be in the next level class.

£3.80 30mins/£45.60 term OR A-DANCE 

(30mins BALLET + 30mins TAP + 45mins MODERN)

£9.80 105mins/£123.60 term   

Grade 1 Modern


£4.80 45mins/57.60 term OR A-DANCE

(45mins Modern + 30mins Ballet + 30 mins Tap)

£9.80 105mins/£117.60 term

Sequences and excercises using pupils' imagination and developing teamwork. Modern works together with Ballet developing abilities such as turning and elevation used at more advanced Ballet levels.  Limbrering and strengthening study develop Ballet and Modern technique and artistry, rhythm, presentation, musicality, strength, control and ensures correct alignment of feet and posture - as well as being great fun!  If you've passed an exam, you'll join the next level class.

Primary Tap

A great class for boys and girls, guaranteed to bring out the style of shy children and extroverts alike. Tap develops rhythm and musicality, helping with Ballet and Modern if they are your favourites!   You can just wear outdoor shoes to try a class, and we stock tap shoes sold cheaper than shop prices.  (We often have second-hand pairs too - remember children this age change sizes quickly and pre-loved shoes are often of good condition when worn once a week by young children).  If also taking Ballet and Modern, you get a bigger discount!  For shy children who still want to take exams, the teacher is in the exam room with each group for this exam.  You'll be in a higher class if you've passed this exam.

£3.80 30mins/£45.60 term OR A-DANCE

(30mins Tap + 30mins Ballet + 45mins Modern)

£9.80/£117.60 per12-week term