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Children's Dance age 3-5 

Children's Ballet age 3-5



10.30 - 11.00am

  3.45 -   4.15pm

Boys and Girls can try either Pre-Primary Ballet class with simple ballet movements developing basic technique, musicality and rhythm, artistic expression, strengthening exercises, preparation for jumps and simple dances.  Not all children are ready to perform at this age, (which doesn't necessarily mean they won't love to show their skills when older), but one of the benefits of beginning at this age is that shyer children develop core confidence.  Classes have themes that make learning fun, and learning to stand still and 'wait your turn' when dancing one-by-one are great preparation for beginning school. 

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£4.50 per class; £13.50 monthly payment

Dance Fit & Tap

For children aged 4 - 6, and although based on the Primary Ballet syllabus, with 20 minutes of beginners' Tap, this class is more aimed at boys - of course girls and non-binary students are welcome too!  This could also be a good class for slightly older children with special needs to try.



Modern - Primary

For children aged 4 - 5, and although based on the Primary Modern syllabus, this class is great for both boys and girls to gain confidence, strength, flexibility, make friends and enjoy learning performing skills.



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