Adult Tap





Some experience


(Level 3)

(Levels 1&2)

(Level 4)

7.15 - 8.15pm

7.45 - 8.45pm

8.15 - 9.15pm

£6.50 per class, (pay-as-you-go), or £6 per class paid in advance for term or block of 6 classes)
Teenagers also taking Ballet or Modern will attract an additional discount - email for info

     Tap is a great stress buster and ideal if you can't commit to regular classes, e.g. you do shift work or have school exams to revise for!  Any ages from 14 + can attend this class; so far the record is 82!  You can take ISTD Popular Tap Tests (meant for Adults and teenagers who come for fun) if you like; they are not stressful and there's much less to learn than children's grades!  They do go up to quite a high level though, so can be a good beginning if you've never done Tap but have a background in other dance forms and want to push yourself a bit harder.  We also learn dances for performing and you can participate in charity shows - but we don't force anyone - you can make the tea instead, if you want to be involved without 'treading the  boards'! 


     You can wear flat outdoor shoes if you'd like to try a class without buying Tap shoes first, (though it is more fun with shoes), or we sell them, leather costing between £17- £21), keeping most sizes up to 6 in stock.  There are often second-hand pairs, too, or we can advise on the best shops if you want to invest in a gold-standard pair or have tricky feet. 


      If you've had some experience, you might want to come half-way through the class and then stay to the first half, or all, of the more advanced class.