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Adult Tap





(Levels 1&2)

(Levels 3-5)


6.45 - 7.45pm

7.45 - 8.45pm


£21 per month (£7 a class for 3 terms of 12 weeks)
£8.00 cash/transfer drop-in price, or £42 per half-term (6 weeks paid two weeks before first class, £7 per class)
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Tap is a great stress buster and ideal if you can't commit to regular classes, e.g. you do shift work or have school exams to revise for!  Any ages from 14 + can attend this class; so far the record is 82, (and she got 93 marks out of 100 for her Adult Tap Test Level 1)!  You can take ISTD Popular Tap Tests (meant for Adults and teenagers who come for fun) if you like; they are not stressful and there's much less to learn than children's grades!  They do go up to quite a high level though, so can be a good beginning if you've never done Tap but have a background in other dance forms and want to push yourself a bit harder.  We also learn dances for performing and you can participate in charity shows - but we don't force anyone - you can make the tea instead, if you want to be involved without 'treading the  boards'! 


You can wear flat outdoor shoes if you'd like to try a class without buying Tap shoes first, (though it is more fun with shoes).  We can point you to our online supplier, (tthere are also second-hand pairs), or we can advise on the best shops if you want to invest in a gold-standard pair or have tricky feet. 


If you've had some experience, you might want to come half-way through the class and then stay to the first half, or all, of the more advanced class.

£21 a month (£7 per class) for 3 terms of 12 weeks, or £8.00 per drop-in cash/online payment or £42 per half-term (six weeks paid 2 weeks before half-term begins, £7 per class)

Ballet for Adults

Mondays 6.45pm/Fridays 12noon for complete beginners/improvers;
Mondays 7.45pm/Fridays 12.30pm for those who've danced before

Our drop-in pay-as-you-go class will fuse mobility, strength and resistance and balance combined with ballet and other dance exercises to music.   Don't be put off if you aren't very fit - your teacher has had four hip replacements due to a hereditary condition, and there is no one who dancing can't help!  Ballet it like an insurance policy; it doesn't stop you ageing, but when you do, your body will be able to cope with its new way of working so much better!  Friday beginners come at 12 for extra-intensive learning.  Your prescribed movements will be geared to YOU, so everyone will feel their body has benefitted in some way. 

Want to try Modern?  You can try our Grade 6 Modern class on Saturdays - but you will have to work hard!

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